This virtual exhibition is a collaboration between Faces Up Uganda X KQ Hub Africa celebrating the creativity and resilience of children during COVID 19.

Welcome to this online group exhibition of all the artworks that were submitted during the art contest titled ‘Being Positive In Times Of Difficulties” which was implemented by our partner Faces Up Uganda. What you are about to see, are artworks done by children below 15 years telling their stories of resilience, positivity as well as playfulness to depict how they have kept themselves positive in this time of adversity.  The participants in the contest came from 17 districts in Uganda, some from Nakivaale refugee settlement plus 2 from Canada and the Philippines.


COVID-19 has made it difficult for community-focused organizations like theirs to physically continue to engage children and also enable them to learn together. These are challenging times for them to provide full support for the children’s foundation through the arts. Unfortunately, it has been a difficult time for most sectors worldwide but it’s worse for the arts and culture sector since we are not in a position anymore to congregate for exhibitions, put up public performances, organize pop up events, but yet the World continues to benefit from the work we do. These times are as well hard for children since they are experiencing a lot of negativity and if these children are not reached out to, they will lose their hope for their future since they are undergoing a time with intense pressure, filled with negativity but yet, such time needs them to smile often, be appreciated and be creative with themselves. It’s upon that matter, therefore, that they put up the art contest to provide a platform for children to express themselves, give the world a glimpse into their lockdowns and above all, get rewarded for their amazing artworks because we need future artists and optimistic children for a better tomorrow.

Besides the art contest, they have also reached out to children and their families with essential relief supplies in the form of food so as to enable them to keep going during this crisis. So far, they have reached out to 160 families and they hope to raise more resources and reach out to more families because the need still exists and actually it’s so huge by now. If you are moved by their generous efforts, please DONATE to their work via PAYPAL or MOBILE MONEY – +256 (0) 705859110 so that at the end of the pandemic, you will have contributed to making lives better especially with those who needed the support the most.

KQ Hub Africa strongly believes that for the arts and culture sector to map out its relevance more into the World, there is a need to harness the skills and potential of key players and practitioners right from an early age. It’s upon this background that we had no hesitation to partner with Faces Up Uganda on this cause that we found noble. Please enjoy the artworks and don’t hesitate to contact us on with any feedback.