WHENEVER I feel the urge to lay down my metaphorical pen and then plead writer’s block, I am inspired by the following words:

“Spending five hours on a Saturday writing isn’t nearly as valuable as spending 30 minutes a day every day of the week. Especially when you’re just getting started. The idea is repetition — developing a discipline of showing up, making this a priority, and working through The Resistance. If you want to get this writing thing down, you need to start writing every day. No questions asked, no exceptions made. After all, this isn’t a hobby we’re talking about; it’s a discipline.”

You see, there is no such thing as writer’s block; there is only The Resistance. And this resistance is everything life throws in the way of your way forward. Yes, it is everything that makes you lose sight of larger truths which compel the need to write.

The Resistance is when your love life imitates that low budget movie where girl meets boy and then they fall in love. Subsequently, the boy is dumped by the girl in college only for her to make him her best friend forever. And so, being exactly the same age, they make a pact: If they are both still single at 35, they’d marry each other.

Fast forward to when they’re almost 35. And the boy and the girl are both unmarried. The boy is in town and urgently wants the girl to call him. She’s touched. She has always really loved the boy. But when they meet, he doesn’t get down on bended knee.

Instead, he tells her that he’s engaged to be married and wants her to play a central role in the wedding. Since, after all, they are best friends.

The Resistance shows up as the girl’s reluctance to be a friend by being the friend who will help her best friend get married and live happily ever after. And as jealousy consumes you, your words can never be anyone’s digest.

The Resistance is that boss whose vile behavior would horrify Hitler. That boss who is always early when you’re late and late when you’re early, even in the bedroom.

He’s a supercilious sadist who toys with his employees by giving and taking away prefixes to their job descriptions so as to humiliate them with pleasure.

He indulges in blatant and aggressive sexual harassment by using innuendos to twist your words when you say things like ‘come’ or ‘rubber.’ All the while, his erect index finger is aiming at yours and his Nether Regions in ways that hint at an intimate get-together.

His behavior leaves you upset and unable to string two words together.

In Uganda, we even have a ruling party named after the Resistance: The National Resistance Movement (NRM). And its sense of mission involves subjugating and supplanting, switching and shuffling, smashing and subverting all those who are not part of its grand design to sketch a journey to a past riddled with destruction and devastation.

As a result, you find yourself too busy trying to survive the NRM to even write a few a words. In brief, The Resistance is simply life and all its nasty trimmings.

If you succumb to life, you shall succumb to death.

Truth to tell, Life is fatal.

However if you can overcome life in order to write your words, then those words will reach beyond this life to spell immortality.

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