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abbreviation for k(c)reative quotient: a measure of someone’s “k(c)reativity”. Synonym for IQ.

Based in Uganda, East Africa, and Established in 2017, — we are a fully registered non-profit Media, Art, Culture organization + creative studio working with and for young people to shape the future of contemporary Arts & Culture scene in Uganda.

We work with the next generation of young cultural and artistic movers from across visual, performing & digital arts — to inform, inspire and co-create new artistic & cultural experiences. We connect with this generation of cultural movers, creative geniuses, activists, researchers and thought leaders to identify the impactful ideas and trends that are coming next for our partners.

We are strongly guided by the belief that the Creative Arts & Culture industries have the potential to play a major role in addressing environmental, civic and social issues by providing strategies for the critical engagement of audiences, opening dialogue around challenging topics and changing the perceptions of diverse audiences. Breaking societal norms can have wide reaching effects, empowering people to enact their individual agency and influencing / shaping new paradigms through individual and collective action. Through high impact culture and art programming and mass public participation we can address civic, environmental and social issues and foster policy change by challenging institutional status quo, connecting people to the realities of social and environmental challenges, and inspiring movements.

Across our various programs and projects, we contribute to human development through media, culture and creative Arts. See our work/ projects.

In our work, we are strong advocates for the role of media, culture and arts in governance and civic engagement. We do this through our various research work and projects with various community “artivists”, civil society, local and international development partners. See our research work and projects.

Our goal is simple: to cultivate a community where creativity and culture is championed, valued, and fundamentally nurtured in Uganda.

Our Mission: “To use media, culture and the Creative Arts to inspire change in Uganda and East Africa at large.” This mission is backed  by the belief that artists are essential to advancing freedom of expression and democracy.

Our Story

Born in Wabwire Joseph Ian’s one-bedroom apartment as a means to foster meaningful connection, KQ Hub Africa has since parlayed into the fastest growing community devoted to East African Creatives along performing, visual and digital Arts who are looking to cultivate meaningful connections that go beyond business cards.

KQ’s flagship projects are the monthly CREATIVE TALKS AFRICA sessions, FLIXLABS, Culture + Arts 256 Podcast and the UBUNTU RAVE after every four months – All these projects bring together creative entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of African culture to be inspired and to build meaningful connections.

Throughout the year, our members are presented with a diverse program of pop-up events and projects—from talk sessions, workshops, exhibitions, film-screenings, seminars, mini-fests, research work, Underground Night parties and creative meet-ups in collaboration with ambitious brands and organizations.

As a creative +  future consultancy agency, we also work on commission and in consultation with ambitious organizations & brands that want to explore people, culture and arts in East Africa.

Our partners

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