Ubuntu Rave is our marque mini-festival. A celebration of African music and culture takes place after every four months in Uganda. Beginning in 2017 as a series of small gigs in the city center, the event has gone from strength to strength, moving from small to big venue spaces to cope with demand.

With too many negative representations of Africa entrenched in images of war, disease, poverty, and famine, Ubuntu Rave seeks to redress the balance and highlight the fantastic range of cultures, foods, music, fashion and artists that make this great continent one of the most vibrant and inspiring in the world.

Ubuntu Rave is also a truly international event that harnesses the spirit of multiculturalism and tolerance. It has played host to artists from nations right across Africa and also programs music from different genres like Afrobeat, Afro-electronic, GQOM, Afro-trap, Lingala, Congo Bass.

Ubuntu Rave is about more than music… Over 20 stalls selling the best food, drink, arts and crafts and fashion from Africa and beyond are always present at the Ubuntu village. Look out for our next Ubuntu Rave event and purchase your early bird tickets.

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