Creative Talks Africa

The Project

The Creative Junction podcast seeks to spark intercultural dialogue and foster relevant conversations on what’s happening, trending, and who’s pushing culture and creative boundaries in East Africa. In every episode, we want to get up close and personal with independent artists, creatives, and programmers fueling positive change in their local communities through their unique and exciting projects. We want to tap into their knowledge, experiences, and expertise and amplify their stories of resilience, innovation, sustainability, and growth.

The opportunity – Key Points.

We are looking for 2 podcast hosts (1) female (1) male creatives based in Uganda who have a knack for digital storytelling and have their eyes, ears peeled on trending events in the creative industry in East Africa.

Potential hosts should have a desire to use their voices to spark meaningful inter-cultural conversations, have an interest to platform artists, creatives, cultural leaders, activists in East Africa. Know the people that are pushing cultural and creative boundaries in East Africa.

The two selected will be invited to collaborate with one another working to create audio visual stories and content using Podcasting– platforming and inviting influential creatives, artists, cultural activists, designers, makers among others to get up close and personal with them in their podcast studio or virtual studio.

Hosts should note that KQ Hub Africa wants to use this podcast to celebrate creativity and culture in East Africa. Through a 4 months period starting in August – November selected hosts, invite and engage in conversation with East Africa’s influential artists, creatives, culture leaders among others.