The Project

In these series of dialogues, we collaborated with the British Council, Manchester Museum-UK, and the Uganda Museum to host a #CreativeHustle talk on The Future of Museums and the role that museums play as cultural spaces. Features Doreen Adengo of Adengo Architecture is a reputable architect based in Uganda.

The challenge

In presenting what is significant in a community’s past, the museum leads us to consider what that community has now become, and inspires us with hope as to what it can become. Today’s present is tomorrow’s past, and museums should reflect contemporary culture if they wish to remain useful. In countries with education systems that are still quite inadequate and unevenly distributed, the need for accessible museums is just as great as it is where education is relatively plentiful. These series of talks offered an opportunity for museum leaders, cultural workers and artists, curators to explore deeper in dialogue the future of museums and their role as cultural spaces.

Project Partners