The Night Embassy

The Project

The “Night Embassy Project” is a series of irregular, curated sonic and immersive visual experiences at different, unusual venues to celebrate the ambassadors of the night and the nightlife’s influence on popular youth culture in East Africa through music, fashion, and visual arts. These events are one-off, intimate and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. We interviewed DJs, artists, promoters, City mayors, social scientists, music journalists, club activists, musicologists, urbanists, and historians among others. We will be soon releasing a documentary exploring this question on culture and the nightlife

The challenge

For many young people, indulgence in the nightlife is a safe space to explore their individuality. This project seeks to explore the relationship between culture and the nightlife and the role it plays in community building and supporting a new generation of nightlife ambassadors including Dj’s, including musicians, revelers, dancers, promoters, bar managers, beverage brands among others